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How To Swipe On Instagram Pc: It is the platform that allows users to promote their business or using this platform for personal use. One of the most frequently use the platform of social media is Instagram. It is the most popular online mobile app. 
The user can use this app on their smartphones as well as on their PC or laptop.
It is the platform where the users upload and share their photos, reels, IGTV, and videos to their fans, followers, friends, and family. It has some fantastic filters to be edit reels, add captions, tweak settings, and much more. 
When you are using the Instagram app on your PC or a laptop, I m sure you want to know how do I scroll swipe left and right on the Instagram app?

how to swipe through photos on instagram on pc

Do these features are available on Android Smartphones?

These features are also available in both Android as well as smartphones and iOS. With this fantastic feature, now the users have the advantage of uploading multiple photos up to ten pictures on one post, also under one caption. This post will count once only, and you can share all the comments and likes. 
Instagram is also used in Windows 10. Hence, Instagram on Windows 10 allows you to see various photos in a single post. 
Now you don’t have to worry about viewing multiple pictures on PC. Instagram gives them a feature to swipe in a post to see the various photos on the PC.


Instagram on window 10

One drawback is that Instagram on Windows 10 doesn’t permit you to upload various pictures in a single post on your feed. You can only view posts with multiple images that different users posted. Here, some users have an exciting question that “How to swipe on Instagram PC?”.

How To Swipe On Instagram Pc


Two Methods on How to Swipe Images on PC

Here we are sharing with you some ways that would be fruitful for you:

1st Method

If you have a touch screen laptop or PC, you will do it by trackpad. By using this, you have to use your two fingers to scroll. Try to swipe right or left to see multiple photos on a PC or laptop that the user uploaded on their Instagram PC.

2nd Method

Now the Instagram has an updated version. A button is added on the left and right in this version, which will help you swipe pictures on Instagram.


I hope this article will resolve the issues or questions that arise in the mind of a lot of Instagram users. Through the methods mentioned above, you will now be able to swipe on an Instagram laptop or PC. 
Nowadays, a small number of Instagram users use this Instagram app on their PC. Because it is a mobile online app, so the majority of the users will use this app on their smartphones, whether it is Android or iOS devices

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