[2021] How To Delete Upstox Account | Account Clouser Form

If You Want To Close Upstox Demate Account then read this article carefully.


How To Delete Upstox Account & Demat Account Clouser Form


Upstox Demat accounts can be close by submitting ,an account closure request form‘. 

Note that you can’t close the Upstox account online or contact customer care on the phone or chat. 

To close a Upstox Account, you need to go through an offline process. You need to sign a paper form and send it to the Upstox office Address.

How To Delete Upstox Account

Important Steps to close or Delete Upstox Account (Demat Account)

  1. Visit www.upstox.com Official Website.
  2. In the top menu, You will able to see the Support Option. go to Support > Download Forms
  3. Now Go to the ‘Account Modification Forms’ section
  4. Download the ‘Demat Account Closure‘ form
  5. Please print the ‘Demat Account Closure’ form, fill it up with all the details, and signature it.
  6. Now You need to send it to the ‘Correspondence Office’ address mentioned on the top of the ‘Demat Account Closure’ form.

Some Important Tips


  • Before closing Upstox Account, make sure to clear all the dues, close open positions, and transfer/sell Demat holdings.
  • If you don’t get any confirmation in one week, follow up with customer service.

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