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If you don’t know how to make a video go viral for free then you should read this article because i will tell you some pro tips to get a video go viral. 
It all depends on your video and the retaining of the viewer on that video. See YouTube’s system gives a chance to every video which are uploaded on YouTube.

Are you thinking of getting your video? Do you want it to go viral? Maybe we have some tips that can help you. When going for video marketing, no one ever wants to create a video with an average amount of views. 

You might be thinking that creating a viral YouTube video is impossible. But if you pay attention to the tips we offer, maybe you can make some fantastic viral YouTube videos.


How To Make a Video Go Viral For Free


What is Viral Video?


Though there is no particular definition for a viral video, any video on social media that gets immense popularity in a short period is considered a viral video.

A viral video is one of the videos that become famous through a viral process of Internet sharing, mainly through video-sharing websites such as social media, email, and YouTube.


What Do You Need To get go a video viral on Instagram or any social media. 


Below are some reasons how videos on YouTube go viral:
  1. Emotions
  2. Keep It Short
  3. Make Engaging Video
  4. Consider Your Video Timing
  5. Write a catchy Eye Title
  6. Make A Awesome Thumbnail
  7. Tell A Story
  8. Don’t Forget To Share On Social Media Platforms


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How can you guarantee that your video will get viral on Social Media?


You can’t.

If there were a formula for creating a viral video for social media like Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook, then we’d all be doing it. So, unfortunately, viral videos tend to be the exception rather than the rules.

But does that mean you should give up on video marketing? Not!


As a creator, we should not be putting all of our efforts into trying to go viral. 

Release Video on Friday or Saturday

People Don’t get time to watch your video on weekdays because of their work. So, people can’t see your videos from Monday to Thursday. They read the news at work. 

So don’t forget these essential tips that release your video on Friday or Saturday. 


Remember, at first, and I said that YouTube gives a chance to every video. So make your thumbnail interesting so that people click on it, then make sure to make your video enjoyable to watch till the end. This will allow them to give your video to get like and share. 


Getting more people to your video will eventually reach the trending list and later on viral.


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