Chala Ja Bsdk Meme Template Download – 91 Year Old Man

Chala Ja Bsdk meme is a YouTube video called “Abuse angry 91-year old man”. It was uploaded by Mursalin Tyagi on 2 July 2017. Youtube video appears to be from Deoband, Saharanpur. 

It shows a younger man taunting an older man. The frustrated old man then shouts, “Chala Jaa Bhosdike!” 

Chala Ja Bsdk Meme Template Download

This everyday use of Chala Ja Bsdk is to try and get rid of someone/something.

People also search this in Hindi meaning of Chala Ja Bsdk. 

Chala Ja Bsdk Meaning In Hindi 

Chala Ja Bsdk एक प्रकार की गाली है। इस गाली का प्रयोग Online Chatting में ज्यादा होता है। 

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