Ee Sala Cup Namde Meme Meaning & Origin – Rashmika Mandanna

Ee Sala Cup Namde meme was started getting popular from the 2018 edition of the IPL (Indian Premier League) by RCB fans. 

After finishing IPL 2017, Royal Challengers Bangalore needed a huge boost going into the next IPL Season IPL 11. 

The Kannada fans of Royal Challengers Bangalore started a social media trend, ‘Ee Sala Cup Namde,’ meaning that the cup is ours this time around. 

Meaning Of Ee Sala Cup Namde & Origin

This slogan (Ee sala cup namde) started by the fans was later adopted by the official social media handles of RCB and Rashmika Mandanna. Unfortunately, the slogan could do nothing for the team as they finished 6th in the next edition. 

I wondered why this slogan (Ee Sala Cup Namde) is trending on social media? 

One Twitt that went viral on 25 May 2020 is the official Twitter handle of Chennai Super Kings trolling Royal Challengers Bangalore by saying ‘Ee Saala Cup Namde,’ meaning the cup is yours this year. 

ee sala cup namde

In almost every season of IPL, the optimistic fans of RCB start this slogan whenever the results are favorable to the team from Bangalore, only to be later trolled by rival fans. 

The most recent, IPL 2021 or IPL 14, might be the season after the signing of Glenn Maxwell for 142.5 million INR, withstanding a bidding war with Chennai.

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