How To Get Perfect Couple Filter Online On Instagram

How To Get Perfect Couple Filter Online On Instagram: Instagram App has been around for the longest of times and is widely popular across the world. It is one of the biggest social media platforms out there, and it also is a source of living for many and models social media influencers. 


Instagram is a platform for sharing IGTV videos, images, videos, reels, and much more stuff. It strives to be of even more functionality, and as of today, there are many fun things to do on this app. 


In this article, we’ll look at one of these filters, the Perfect Couple Filter, and learn how to get that filter on Instagram.


Get Perfect Couple Filter On Instagram


What is the Perfect Couple filter Online On Instagram reels?


Perfect Couple Filter is a fun filter/Effect on Instagram. There are many filters on this app that are used to click fun or aesthetic Pictures. 


However, Some filters are only meant to record short videos or clips. The Perfect Couple filter is also one of them, and it will only work when you record a video using this filter. The Perfect Couple filter is a fun the thing to do on Instagram, where filter adds a text on top of your 



It randomly presents any initials, implying that you’d make a great couple with anyone whose name starts with the given initials. It has no truth to it, and it’s just for fun. You can also share this filter with your Friends and have fun together.


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How to get the Perfect Couple filter Online?




Follow the below steps carefully for accessing the Perfect Couple filter on Instagram App


  1. So here is the link to the Perfect Couple filter on insta App:
  2. Click Here
  3. Make sure that you are connected with the internet or wi-fi first of all, then click on the above link.
  4. Now Open this Link On Instagram App. Remember that you must have Instagram installed on your android smartphone. 
  5. Upon clicking the option of ‘Open in Instagram,’ you will be redirected to the installed Instagram app on your phone, and the filter should open by itself.
  6. Among the many other options you’ll be seeing on your screen, there should be a ‘save’ option, clicking on which will save the Perfect Couple filter on your Instagram so you won’t have to follow all these steps if you wish to use and have fun with this filter again.



In this article, we briefly discussed the Perfect Couple filter on Instagram is and how you can get it on your Instagram. 

With that, we’ll be wrapping this article up with hopes that you liked this article and that you’ll enjoy yourself with fun filters on Instagram.


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