This Is Business Meme Template – Viral African Boy

This Is Business Meme Template & Origin

This Is Business meme originates in the 2003 Nigerian film Baby Police. This Is Business meme template is still getting viral on social media platforms. 

In the Nollywood movie, Dada (the character) says this dialogue to his uncle (the character) when his uncle from Lagos inquires him about the money Dada gave to some ‘businessmen’ as an investment. 

This Is Business Meme Template

This Is Business Meme Template

Later, he learns that some thugs tricked him. The widespread use of This Is Business meme is to mock a deceitful person.


Which is the movie this is business meme from?

Ukwa – Osita Iheme’s performance alongside fellow little person actor Chinedu Ikedieze in the 2002 film Aki na Ukwa is still widely spoken, and the duo, especially Osita’s character, has been trending through memes since 2019 on Twitter and other social media platforms.

What show is the African boy meme from?

The most viral meme is the 2007 movie Stubborn Flies scene. It is a comedy about a spoiled young man (Iheme) who wants to move out of his parent’s home, take responsibility for himself, and start a family.

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